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Joseph is Taurus the Ox

Oct 01, 2009

I thought it would be a good idea to interrupt the current series on the Stars in order to relate Taurus with Joseph. Joseph has emerged as one of the keys to what God is doing this prophetic year. (The prophetic year culminates with the Feast of Tabernacles.) There are two primary themes this year: Joseph is the positive side of what God is doing; and the overthrow of the second beast (economic) is the negative side.

The prophetic year always begins with two periods of 76 days ("cleansing"), and these cycles always begin within a few weeks of the previous Feast of Tabernacles. The current year began with the election of President Obama, or more precisely, on the day he was declared the winner (Nov. 5, 2008). On that day the Illinois lottery drew #666. This is significant, not only because Obama was a Senator from Illinois, but because this is the key number of the second beast in Rev. 13.

The end of the first 76-day period fell on January 20, which was the day that the President was inaugurated in Washington. The second 76-day period ended April 6, which was the day of the 6.3 Richter earthquake at L'Aquila in Italy. The quake itself suggested that we watch for economic quakes in Washington D.C. I did not realize at the time that the L'Aquila quake damaged the cathedral where Pope Celestine V was inaugurated in 1294. It is also where he is buried. In fact, the quake exposed his bones, drawing our attention to him. This was the pope who had declared a Jubilee over all mankind in order to forgive all sin, set men free, and institute universal reconciliation.

On August 291294, the hermit Pietro del Morrone was consecrated as pope Celestine V in the church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio, in commemoration of which the new pope decreed the annual religious rite of the Pardon (Perdonanza Celestiniana), still observed today in the city on August 28 and 29: it is the immediate ancestor of the Jubilee Year.


Celestine was induced to resign as pope after a few months, then imprisoned by his successor, where he died, probably by poison. It seems that forgiving sin free of charge can be fatal. But the connections do show that there are economic earthquakes yet to come, which will set us free by a Jubilee. When I received the word last August to declare a Jubilee on Sept. 28 this year, I did not yet know the connection with Celestine V and the L'Aquila quake. But this event was the culmination of the positive side of the revelation, dealing with Joseph.

Last January we held a conference in Modesto, CA at the Clarion Hotel. A "clarion" is a small trumpet. We knew this was somehow prophetic, but did not really know how. Now we know that it was an early sign of the Jubilee declaration Sept. 28.

The Modesto Conference was held on January 23-25, 2009, shortly after the Presidential inauguration. The next day, January 26, was the Chinese New Year called the Year of the Golden Ox. This is, of course, the primary symbol of Joseph (Deut. 33:17), whose two horns were Ephraim and Manasseh.

76 days later, on April 10, 2009, the Passover Conference began in Manassas, VA. Manassas is the Greek form of the Hebrew name, Manasseh. On the last day of the conference, April 12 (the day of the wave-sheaf offering), I was led to proclaim the start of the Joshua-Elisha Ministry. This is the enhancement of the Moses-Elijah Ministry and correlates with the second work of Christ.

For the Second Passover, May 10-12, we focused upon Elisha's healing the waters of Jericho with Salt (2 Kings 2:19-22). In June we focused upon overthrowing the "two bears" of 2 Kings 2:24 with my West Coast trip. This culminated on the night of June 24, when we cast out the second beast (named "Pan") from the Black Forest in Colorado Springs. Michael Jackson then died the next morning. He was obsessed with Peter Pan and being forever young, and called his home "Neverland Ranch." He was also obsessed with bears.

Two months later, Ted Kennedy died (August 25). He was buried on Michael Jackson's birthday, August 29, which was also the day of Pope Celestine's inauguration and Jubilee.

With the arrival of the Feast of Trumpets on the evening of Sept. 18, we entered a new season of feasts that relate directly to the second coming of Christ. These began on the 216th anniversary of the cornerstone that was laid at the Capitol in Washington D.C. in 1793. The name "Joshua" appears 216 times in the Bible, and he overthrew Jericho, which means "moon." The moon has a diameter of 2160 miles. President Obama is said to be born on August 4, which is the 216th day of the year. He is said to be born in Honolulu, which is at 21.6 degrees latitude.

Joshua was of the tribe of Ephraim (Num. 13:8). Ephraim was the son of Joseph, the Ox or Bull (Taurus). So as we entered into the culmination of the prophetic year, the signs of Joseph immediately began to surface. Joseph's coins were discovered in Egypt. That is, they discovered that the so-called medallions in a box in a museum were actually coins picturing Joseph, with a cow and wheat to memorialize Pharaoh's dream that Joseph interpreted in Gen. 41:15-32.

The museum had these coins in their possession for a long time, but did not realize what a treasure they had. So also ancient Egypt had Joseph in a box (prison) and did not know what treasure was in their midst.

At the same time, a man in England unearthed a treasure hidden in a field (Matt. 13:44), which relates directly to the lost sheep of Israel being found after being lost for so long. Many years later, Joseph's descendants, the house of Israel, were deported to Assyria, and, following Joseph's prophetic example, they were presumed dead or lost for many years.

Joseph was lost for 21 years. The house of Israel has been lost for 13 x 210 years until now, in the year 2010. The final 210-year period is from 1800-2010, beginning with the construction of Washington D.C. (Recall that from the laying of the foundation stone in 1793 it was 216 years to Sept. 18 of this year.)

I am running out of space, but will continue in the next web log today.

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