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President Obama's Birth Certificate Found

Aug 04, 2009


I find it interesting that the mainstream news media has finally begun to recognize that they have a serious battle on their hands. Normally, they choose to ignore the issues that they find embarrassing, and when they finally have to address them in public, they ridicule the opposition without really addressing the issue at all.

I wrote last year that this birth certificate issue is not going to go away, unless the President somehow makes the real one public and can prove its authenticity. The problem, however, is not merely a constitutional issue. The real question is whether we want to see President Biden in office. If people push this issue and win, we will go from the frying pan into the fire.

If we step back and look at the bigger picture, it is not hard to see that Christianity itself is under fire. If we look at history, it is plain that government always seeks to control religion. That is why many monarchs of the past and present are also the heads of the Church (i.e., state religion).

In Roman times, the government licensed many religions, including Judaism. Such licensed religions were called in Latin, religio licita. As long as Christianity was legally considered to be a sect of Judaism in the first century, it came under the license of Judaism. But after Paul's trial it became apparent that Christianity and Judaism were separate, and it did not take long for the government then to begin persecuting Christians for their refusal to sacrifice to Caesar or to recognize his god-like headship over them.

In the Soviet Union, the Russian Orthodox Church was taken over and controlled by the state. As long as the religion itself submitted to the Communist authorities, and preached a watered-down message, it was allowed to function.

In China, it is the same today with the "Three Self Patriotic Church." This is the only legal church in China. All house churches are banned.

America is an interesting case, because Christians are leaving mainstream organizations in large numbers. Because of America's Christian heritage, and because there are so many Christian voters, the government has had to move at a slower pace in its move to put all religion under its control (headship). But we are slowly moving toward the goal of outlawing private gatherings (house churches). Government wants to ban people from practicing private religion and force them into denominations or religions that they can control, usually through the benefits offered, such as tax exemption.

It is also plain that they have decided to use Islam as an excuse to control religion. Any controls they may place on Islam will be placed upon Christianity as well. Christians should know this and should be careful not to fall into the trap of the anti-Islam propaganda. The biblical solution would be to outlaw all religions that do not recognize Jesus Christ as King. But that is not going to happen any time soon. Government policy favors a lot of immigration from all other religions in order to dilute the Christian vote and ultimately disenfranchise them. Government plays one religion against another--because the tactic works so well--but their ultimate goal is to secularize the world.

Well, not exactly. The intermediate goal is to secularize the world; the long-term goal is to make Satanists of all of us, through the door of the New Age movement.

But in the short-term, Christians should begin to pray and ponder what to do if the government made it illegal to hold house meetings, as it is in China today. In China, a hundred million Christians have chosen to suffer persecution rather than to recognize their "caesar" as their godhead. But what about pampered American Christians who do not know such suffering? What would you do?

The underground church in China now has more members than the Communist Party. I wonder what would be the size of the underground church in America under similar circumstances. How would we function if we were banned from using the internet or the postal service?

Just a thought to ponder.

And Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones