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God's Kingdom Coin Update

Jul 02, 2009

A few months ago I reported that a friend of mine felt led to mint a God's Kingdom coin, one oz. of pure silver, using our two doves logo on one side, with a lion and lamb on the other.

The mint finished it and sent him 100 coins for evaluation. Unfortunately, they misspelled a word, and some of the engraving was not good quality on one side. So this project will be delayed for another few months while the drawings are altered and the new dies are made.

Because of the delay, however, it has given us opportunity to make a few changes, not the least of which will be that one side will be "God's Kingdom," while the other side will be "Arise Shine," named after our sister organization that was formed in 1993 here in Minneapolis. And because it will be delayed past the Hebrew new year (Sept. 20), we will also be altering the date from 2009 to 2010 to coincide with this very important date in Kingdom history. I have written about 2010 quite often already, so I won't take time to explain it here.

It does show, however, that there is a prophetic side to this project.

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