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Spiritual Warfare against Pan from 1999-2002

Jun 28, 2009

Dave and Sherry moved to Washington state in November 1991 not far from Federal Way, WA. The word in them at the time was that they were to "pull up your nets and cast them on the other side." They were unaware that I had been led to establish the new Net of Prayer six months earlier, based upon this same verse.

Another word they received was that God would use them to "slay Goliath." They did not know what this meant at the time, but it had to do with abolishing the false governments of man, symbolized by the nearby city of Federal Way.

From 1991-1993 the Lord was showing them the connection between Washington state and Washington D.C. This is something that the Lord had revealed to us during the 1980's as well. In 1993 I met Dave and Sherry, where I was able to explain to them how their revelation coincided with mine insofar as the new Net of Prayer was concerned.

The Lord led them to move to Federal Way for precisely 490 days, where they lived in a cul-de-sac that was in the shape of a key. Then He moved them to Gig Harbor on Key Peninsula, which was shaped like a serpent's head. Key Center is the heart of Key Peninsula.

On Oct. 2, 1999 the Lord led them to a dead end at the tip of the peninsula, where He showed them a line across the street. They were led to get out of the car and stand on the white line and cast out the false governments (heads) of man and to cut off the serpent's head. Later they discovered that the same spot was called Devil's Head. This represented the head of Pan.

On February 28, 2001 the Federal Way earthquake struck immediately after the "all-out war" that we fought on Feb. 26. (See chapter 28 of The Wars of the Lord.) The epicenter of this 6.8 Richter earthquake was directly under the tip of Key Peninsula at Devil's Head. The force of the quake shook Olympia, the capital, and cracked the Capitol Dome. This prophesied of events that would put cracks in the system of man's government which has taken over our nation's capital. This is necessary in order to replace it with the Kingdom of God. We are now seeing those "cracks," as government officials scramble to "fix" the broken financial system.

The Black Forest and Spellbinder Farms

On August 7, 2002 David and Sherry prayed about Black Forest Auto, because this shop had put a new engine into their van in 2001, but the van kept losing oil. The owner of the shop refused to fix it. (They found out later that it was a defective engine that should not have been sold at all.) The Lord confirmed to them that nearby Spellbinder Farms was the seat of power, and Black Forest Auto was subject to Spellbinder Farms. They asked the Lord for confirmation.

Two days later, on August 9, 2002, as David was driving home, he suddenly saw a dark shadow hit the car from right side, going through the windshield and the hood of the van. He physically felt it hit him as well, and for a moment it took his breath away. "What was that?" he said. Suddenly, the engine died, and he coasted to a stop.

David called Sherry, and she came to pick him up. They did not want to tow the van to Black Forest Auto, because they felt that it had an evil presence, as the Lord had told them. So they had the van towed to Mike's Automotive, where the mechanic saw that the oil siphon had been sheered off and was lying in the oil pan. He was visibly shocked by this, because there were no moving parts that could have caused it to sheer off. He could not explain it.

Dave and Sherry got into the other car, intending to leave the van at the shop. But the car would not start. The mechanic looked at the car and concluded that it too had an oil problem, with no oil getting into the engine. He went to get some equipment, and meanwhile, Dave and Sherry laid hands on the car. It then started and was running when the mechanic returned.

At that point the mechanic was freaked out completely. He backed up and said, "Who are you guys?" He refused to have any more to do with them, and so they finally had the car towed to Black Forest Auto on the edge of Key Center near Spellbinder Farms.

This was how the Lord provided them with confirmation of the word of August 7. This entire situation began a time of revelation concerning the Black Forest and its connection to Pan. The oil PAN had pointed out Pan, the goat-god, and a little research showed that the Black Forest in Germany was the home of Pan. This was one of the beginning points where we began to be aware of the importance of the Black Forest in regard to the warfare against Pan.

On Friday afternoon, August 16, 2002, Dave and Sherry were driving their sole surviving car (a caravan) in rush hour traffic, when the car died on a long overpass over a busy highway. While David was looking at the engine to see what could be done, Sherry was on her cell phone trying to call Triple A, and finally realized they would have to call a towing company.

Sherry then felt something behind her, and she turned to see a man in white shorts, white shirt, and white straw hat came walking up to them. He smiled and said to her in a reassuring tone, "I can see everything's under control." Sherry looked away, turned back after about two seconds, and he was gone. "Where did he go?" she asked. There was no place to jump from the overpass, and it was far too long to have walked to either end. They could only conclude that it was an angel who had come to give them the word of the Lord.

The car never started again. It was dead. The next day they purchased another car, and when the license was sent to them, it read: 319 PAN.

What are the odds of that happening? About 100%, of course.

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