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Spiritual Warfare against Pan from 1991-1993

Jun 28, 2009

Occasionally people ask me if there are others who, like me, engage in spiritual warfare in like manner. Yes, there certainly are others doing such things, although perhaps they represent a tiny minority when compared to the total number of Christian believers. For this reason they are often hard to find, and most Christians who are insulated behind the walls of denominational churches are never exposed to such people.

Michael Jackson's troubles began in 1993 when accusations were leveled at him in regard to pedophilia, or child molestation, at his Neverland Ranch. At the time, we did not make the connection with Pan, although today it is obvious, since Pan is also pictured as the Pied Piper. Pan is known as the god of music and is said to have invented music. Hence, the music industry is dominated by worshipers of Pan, and it is difficult for musicians to succeed without first dedicating themselves to satan, or Pan. I suspect that the music moguls do all they can to ostracize any musician that is not of the religion of Pan. This coerces many to go that route.

Michael Jackson, of course, was obsessed with Peter Pan. I have little doubt that he had dedicated himself to Pan/Azazel in order to make it in the music field. This is not to say that he had no talent. But many talented musicians have never made it beyond the waiting room.

In chapter 9 of my book, The Wars of the Lord, I told the story how I received revelation on May 28, 1991 to establish the new Net of Prayer. I discovered that the Hebrew word haram has a double meaning: net and devotion. Hence, God was telling me to establish a new prayer army of "devoted ones." May 28, of course, is 5/28 or 528, which is also the gematria for "key" in Hebrew. We came to see it as the Key of David.

This new prayer army, patterned after Gideon's army, was assigned to take the Key of David, which was being held by Pan, or Azazel--although we did not know it at the time, because this was yet to be discovered. But Azazel is the counterfeit to Christ in His second work as the second goat of Lev. 16. In essence, it is as if Azazel had taken the Key of David, which gave him the authority to do the second work of Christ. Of course, Azazel had no intention to do this, but this spirit (working in those who function by that spirit) have been attempting to become immortal and transformed into "ascended masters" by rebellion against God and the lawful method.

Two years later, on May 30, 1993, we reached the 40th Jubilee of the Pentecostal Age, and (prophetically speaking) King Saul died. This is when the new Net of Prayer was actually activated, just prior to the time of the Jubilee Prayer campaign the following November. Azazel, of course, did not want to give up the Key of David to those who were lawfully entitled to it--that is, the overcomers.

And so a man showed up on my doorstep on July 8, 1993 claiming to be Christ in his second appearance. That is, he claimed to be the fulfillment of the second goat in Lev. 16. In fact, he turned out to be the embodiment of the spirit of Azazel, or Pan. In the second work of Christ, the true "goat" is sent into the wilderness "for Azazel" (Lev. 16:10), who is the goat-god. Azazel, then, is a counterfeit of the true Goat (Jesus Christ).

This man stayed at our house for 3 days until July 10, 1993. I was impressed by his biblical knowledge and spiritual power on a level that I had seldom seen in any other. But a few weeks later it became clear who he was, and we came into open conflict on Sept. 2, 1993. I knew from revelation in previous years of the revelation that Sept. 2 was prophetically associated with "death." So I prayed to protect my family and all those on my mailing list. Then I watched tensely to see what might occur. If the enemy cannot take a primary target, he looks for a secondary target that is more vulnerable.

On Sept. 2, 1993 my oldest daughter suffered a miscarriage. Being married, she was technically not in my family, and because she lived nearby, she was not on the mailing list either. She was vulnerable, and I did not realize it. I kicked myself all the way to the hospital.

This is the origin and context of our warfare against Azazel. It is something that I did not include in my book, The Wars of the Lord. There are many stories that I left out, in order to keep the book's size more manageable. But now that we have reached a climax in that particular theme, I can now tie up the loose ends by reporting this.

When our daughter suffered her miscarriage, we were being visited by Dave and Sherry, who were also involved in confronting Azazel. I first met them in June of 1993 just before we moved to Washington state later that year. In July 1993, they, too, met the man claiming to be the fulfillment of the second coming of Chirst, and this began their time of intercession and warfare that has continued to this day.

This formed the background to the Jubilee Prayer Campaign in November of 1993. At the time we did not see how all of this was directly connected, since our primary revelation was about Jericho and Babylon. But we now see that Azazel was responding to the threat of the new Net of Prayer that was being formed at the death of Saul. Recall that when Saul himself died, David was given partial authority as king over the tribe of Judah. He held that limited authority for 7 1/2 years until being crowned king over all Israel (2 Sam. 5:5).

This spirit did not want to lose the Key of David, which is the authority of the feast of Tabernacles to rule as the Davidic company in the age to come. And so he showed up at my doorstep to try to prevent this from happening. He failed, of course, because we launched the Jubilee Prayer Campaign on schedule and finished it 13 years later on Oct. 7, 2006.

Halfway into the prayer campaign, on Nov. 30, 2000 we reached the end of the 7 1/2 year transition from Saul to David. That is the point where the Davidic company received the full spiritual authority that would allow us to complete the Jericho march and end the dominion of Mystery Babylon.

End of Part 1.

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