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Removing the Curse at Little Big Horn

Jun 05, 2009

In my weblog for May 28, I wrote of that morning's revelation that we should begin to walk the neighborhood and pray to break curses on the property of our neighbors.

I think some of you thought that this was applicable for that one day only, but in fact this is something that will continue until the whole earth has been claimed for the Kingdom of God. Men have been laying curses upon the earth for thousands of years, and it needs to be broken by God's blessings. For a long time many have been doing the work of breaking curses on the land and on the people. I think Abraham did this when the Lord told him that in every place where the sole of his foot stepped, He would be given that land.

We are simply a more modern extension of a work that has been ongoing for millennia.

Anyway, Darla and I are currently on a trip to the West Coast. Before leaving home, we were given understanding of certain spiritual issues that would have to be dealt with, including something on June 21st. That is the watch date of the "two bears" revelation in the story of Elisha. But there are other issues as well, which I cannot yet reveal. At least not until after those issues have been dealt with properly.

We left home yesterday morning, and the day was uneventful for us, although high winds and tornados created some problems in the midwest. I wondered if perhaps these were spiritual indicators of impending spiritual attack, especially since the winds were heading into Montana. We drove as far as Miles City, MT yesterday with no problems.

This morning, however, we had car trouble. Our Mitsubishi would not go over 20 mph, so I did not even try to get back on the highway. Instead, I went to an auto dealer to have it checked out. They determined that it was a computer problem, which could only be fixed by a Mitsubishi dealer. We had to put the car on a flatbed and have it driven 150 miles to Billings, MT, where there was a dealer.

We have towing insurance, so money was not a problem. It just cost us some time. The auto dealer had to order the part and have it shipped in. It should arrive tomorrow (hopefully). Again, since the car is a 2008 model, it is under warranty. But we have to stay in Billings tonight.

It was obvious from the start of the day that we were encountering tremendous spiritual resistance, and that today would be a lot of hard spiritual work. Whenever we go into battle, unusual and "unexplainable" difficulties occur. Our main assignment today was to go to the Little Bighorn battlefield, where Custer's Last Stand took place. It is just 55 miles south of Billings. We rented a small car so that we could go to the battlefield to break the curse on the land there, claim it for the Kingdom of God, and pray a blessing upon it.

This was done at 5:00 p.m. today, June 5, 2009.

Then we returned to Billings and checked into a motel. After encountering some usual problems connecting to the internet, I was finally able to break through that problem and immediately looked up some history on Chief Sitting Bull. I figured that today's date would be connected somehow to the battle back in 1876. The battle itself took place on June 25 and 26, 1876. We were 20 days short of the 133rd anniversary of the battle.

But while at the battlefield, the museum mentioned that Sitting Bull had a vision in "early June" in which he saw white soldiers and some indians in a cloud of dust. Their heads fell into the camp, and the old Chief heard the words, "I give you these because they have no ears."

General Custer disobeyed orders, and the entire company under his command (263 men) were killed as a result. He had no ears. But there was also a deeper meaning to this, because this entire conflict was fought because gold had been discovered in Western Montana, and various Indian tribes stood in the way of the miners with gold fever. They too had no ears (to hear God's voice and to be led by the Spirit). Note that Sitting Bull's vision does not attribute the victory to their fighting skills, the rightness of their cause, or their personal righteousness. Their victory was due to spiritual deafness among the white men, who had no ears.

When the Indians resisted, the army was sent in to put them on reservations. Those who refused (or escaped) joined with Sitting Bull in a final showdown. The army was sent in, and General Custer's 7th Cavalry attacked without realizing they were outnumbered 10 to 1. Only 24 Indians were killed in the battle.

As I said, when I read this at the museum, my interest was piqued at the mention of Sitting Bull's vision and the statement that it had occurred in "early June." When I got settled in at the hotel, I looked up some historical references about this, and finally came upon the online book: Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life. On pages 203 and 204 of the book, we learn that Sitting Bull's vision occurred at a Sundance on June 5, 1876, precisely 133 years ago today.


You have to read the account carefully, because much of the text indicates that it could have happened either on June 5 or 6. But eventually we are told that after the Sundance, they had another two days to prepare, before moving the camp on June 8. That means the vision occurred on June 5 (my guess is about 5:00 p.m.), and their preparations occurred June 6 and 7, before moving camp on June 8.

So this was the connection that I was looking for. We were led to go to the Little Bighorn battlefield precisely 133 years after Chief Sitting Bull's vision, which encouraged the warriors to believe that they would achieve a victory over the white soldiers.

So today's work has been completed. We now move on to the next battleground in this spiritual warfare. The work is never easy, and spiritual warfare always carries a price tag, but we always win when we follow the leading of the Spirit. Continue to support us in prayer. Pray that all opposition will be overcome, and that all opposition will serve only to force us to do all things at the appointed time on God's calendar.

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