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Pan is Dead

Jun 26, 2009

Written: Late night, June 25, 2009

Today Michael Jackson died suddenly and unexpectedly. His "Neverland Ranch" was his way of identifying with Peter Pan and the imaginary land of Neverland, where children never grew up and presumably were immortal.

I have been writing about Pan recently, since we have been led to conduct spiritual warfare this month against the two "bears," which we discerned were the two beasts of Revelation 13. The second "bear" was Pan, known in Leviticus 16 as Azazel, the "goat-god." Our warfare against Pan began in northern California around Mount Shasta.

Keep in mind also that the worship of Pan was originally centered in Caesarea Philippi at the Grotto of Pan (or Panea), where the golden calf at the city of Dan was originally located.

When we left Sacramento at noon last Sunday, we drove to Colorado Springs, where we held meetings at the Black Forest. This is a literal forest on the east side of town, named after the Black Forest in Germany--the European home of Pan. What I found most interesting is that our meetings were held on Mount Shasta Road in the Black Forest in Colorado. Needless to say, there was no doubt that this was a double witness to the work we did in California at Mount Shasta.

I taught the Word all afternoon yesterday at one end of the Black Forest, and then drove to the other end of the Forest for an evening session. About 9:30 p.m. local time in Colorado, we prayed before the Divine Court to break the curse of Pan upon the Black Forest. We blessed this Forest and claimed it for the Kingdom of God, precisely as we had done in California. In each case, of course, it was a joint work with local people who were called to break the curses over their territory.

I was told that Anton LaVey (before he died in 1997) had a house in the Black Forest, not far from where we were meeting. He obviously knew the connection to Pan and to the Black Forest in Germany.

We then left Colorado this morning, having completed the warfare against Pan. This afternoon as we listened to the news on the car radio, we learned that Michael Jackson had died of heart failure. He had received an extensive physical examination last March and had been pronounced in perfect health, so this came as a great shock to most people.

It then occurred to me that he had been imitating Peter Pan, complete with the Neverland Ranch for boys to give them a "magical experience."

I have said for many years that in spiritual warfare, we thrust our swords into the haystack and see who yells "OUCH!" Since we function on a spiritual level, and our warfare is with the Sword of the Spirit, we usually have no idea who will be affected by our warfare. Our only concern is to be led by the Spirit, and leave the results to Jesus Christ. It is, after all, His battle, not ours.

I know that a great many rock-and-roll musicians are told that they will never get far unless they sell their souls to the devil. I have been told this personally by a young man who once aspired to be such a musician. This is what he was told. In Michael Jackson's case, it has been reported that he went this route as well, and that his famous "white glove" was his pledge. I am not an expert on Michael Jackson, nor am I a witness to any of the allegations of pedophilia and homosexual relations with the boys who came to his Neverland Ranch. But it is clear that we overthrew Pan last night, and Michael Jackson unexpectedly died today. To many, this would be a mere coincidence. To me, it is just the latest of thousands of such "coincidences." I learned long ago to believe in the God who engineers all coincidences.

Jackson's last concert tour was in 1997, the year that Anton LaVey died. That was the high point of his career, and he has gone downhill since then. He got into debt and finally lost the Neverland Ranch last year. He was about to revive his career soon with another world tour and was expected to make about $400 million. Tickets have been sold out, and these will probably have to be refunded.

The lesson to be learned here is that a great paradigm shift has recently taken place in history. It is no longer safe to sell one's soul to the devil. Nor can prosperity be guaranteed by joining the usurping kingdom. The economic/financial beast from the earth has overcome the saints long enough (Rev. 13:7). Now this beast is being overcome in turn, and those who have aligned themselves with the wrong kingdom will find themselves on the losing side now. God is raising up a band of overcomers and training them to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Rev.12:11).

Ely and Moab

It took us a few days to drive from Sacramento to Colorado Springs. We left at noon on Father's Day (June 21). This became the underlying revelation of the next two days. We spent the first night in Ely, Nevada, and the second in Moab, Utah. The name "Ely" is connected to Eli the high priest who failed to correct his sons. "His sons made themselves vile, and he restrained them not" (1 Sam. 3:13).

The next night we were led to stop in Moab, Utah. The biblical Moab was born of incest between Lot and his daughter (Gen. 19:30-37). Here we see an example of a wrong relationship between father and daughters.

Finally, take note of the next miraculous sign of Elisha in 2 Kings 3. This sign follows the one about the 42 young men who were killed by the two bears. There was an unholy alliance between Israel, Judah, and Edom, in order to make war against MOAB. When the war went badly for Mesha, king of Moab, he sacrificed his son on the city wall (2 Kings 3:27). Here is another example of a wrong relationship between father and son. Whereas Eli was too permissive, Mesha was too dictatorial, thinking that he had the right of life and death over his children. The Bible denies parents the right to execute their children for any cause.

In Ely and in Moab, we were led to pray again to break the curses in those cities and upon those who have been affected by these wrong relationships. In so doing, we saw the emergence of the next sign in the Elisha sequence of events, even though to some extent it overlapped with the end of the previous sign (of Pan, the second of the two bears).

Today we drove to Billings, MT where we finally were able to pick up our car and drop off the rental car. It appears that our work is now completed, and we can go home. It has been a productive trip, and we have learned a great deal by revelation along the way. We have done our part to take more territory from the usupers and to extend the dominion of Christ and His Kingdom.

Thank-you for your support. Remember that your support makes you as much a participant in this work as Darla and me. In the end we will all share in the same reward. God bless you all.

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