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Confronting the Two Bears

Jun 22, 2009

Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. It is a day that the Lord pointed out on May 10 while we were in Nebraska. It is 42 days from May 10 and is a major step in the spiritual warfare against the two bears, for which the type and pattern is found in 2 Kings 2:23-25.

In my last report I showed how we were led to follow the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition, to break the curse of man's unlawful claim and use of the land that God created, and to replace the curse with a blessing. That work ended at the city of Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River. Hence, we traveled from the Mississippi River, orignally called The River of the Holy Spirit, and we finished at the mouth of the Columbia River, whose name means "dove" and again signifies the Holy Spirit.

At Astoria we discovered that the "column" on the mountain overlooking that city was just one of 12 monuments built "from St. Paul, Minnesota to Astoria, Oregon." I had no idea that the two cities were connected by a series of monuments.

From Astoria, we drove to the Seattle area, where Ron and I held meetings June 13 and 14. The next day, Monday the 15th, we began the next major phase of spiritual warfare, which has now culminated at sundown today, June 21.

The first order of business was to deal with the beast that comes from the sea, referenced in Rev. 13:1-10. This, we knew, was a religious beast, connected to Rome, as well as the New Rome (Washington D.C.). If you recall, our nation's capital was built upon land originally called "Rome" and deeded (in 1663) to a Francis Pope. It had an inlet from the Potomac river called The Tiber--same as the European Rome.

We have known for many years also that Washington State is the "spiritual headquarters" of Washington D.C. In other words, if we want to see signs of what is happening in D.C., we look at the State of Washington. And if we want to have a peek at the White House, we look at Mount Vernon, WA.

This has been well known to us for over 20 years. So it was not too surprising to find that we had to go to the area near Mount Vernon to deal with the beast from the sea. We knew what beast this was, because it had previously identified itself by the name "Lamar" (i.e., "the sea" in Spanish).

I cannot tell you all the circumstances surrounding this revelation and this work, because it involves the personal lives of others directly involved. It is enough to know that we did bind it and bring it to the feet of Jesus for judgment. This was the first of the two bears.

Since this beast comes from the sea, we took note that Seattle is a seaport, and Mount Vernon is located close to the sea as well.

The next day (June 16) we drove south to Oregon and then to California. Since we had a little extra time, we thought we would take advantage of it and see some of the sights. We stopped at Crater Lake in Oregon, where I picked up a wooden medallion picturing two bears, one large and one small. We took note of the two constellations called Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the so-called "Big Dipper" and "Little Dipper." In ancient times, these were known as the two sheepfolds, but men replaced them with two bears (usurping their role). The greater sheepfold pictures the Church; the lesser (smaller) sheepfold pictures the overcomers.

By the way, "Crater" is also a constellation (in Leo), signifying "the cup of wrath" that is poured out in judgment upon Hydra (the old serpent), while Corvus (the raven, bird of prey) devours the flesh of captains and kings (Rev. 19:18).

From the Crater we drove to Mount Shasta in northern California. It is a well-known occultic area, but we knew that we were divinely protected. We decided that we wanted to see the Shasta Caverns not far off Interstate 5, so we spent the night in a nearby motel and took the first tour the following morning, June 18. Little did we know just how important that tour would be.

During the night at the motel, Darla was attacked spiritually with excruciating pain. But knowing it was spiritual in nature, she responded by prayer and was then able to rest. (She did not wake me, so I heard about it the next morning.) In touring the cavern itself, Darla bruised her foot on a large rock in one of the rooms.Note Gen. 3:15. Her heel was bruised, but the serpent's head (represented by the rock) was crushed. Once again, she did not tell me, and I finally learned of this just today. Normally, she communicates well, but it was important that I not know of this until today, as I will show later.

We arrived in Sacramento in the afternoon of June 18 and immediately began to discuss the work of the Lord with the goup there. Meetings continued all day Saturday and ended Sunday (today) about noon.

We were led to bind the second bear--the beast from the earth (Rev. 13:11-18). This is the financial/economic beast that came into prominence in 1789 with the French Revolution. It is the one that recently has been losing its grip on the world economy and is struggling to maintain control by passing more laws giving the Federal Reserve more power.

I learned also that in 1997 Fred had been confronted physically by Azazel, "the goat god" (Pan). He had swung the sword of the Spirit and cut off one of its horns. It dropped to its knees and kicked the dresser so hard that he literally and physically smashed one of the drawers. He and the backup team later made a trip north of Redding near the Shasta Caverns and finished the job, cutting off the other horn of Azazel.

Anton LaVey died the next day, Oct. 29, 1997. He was the founder of the Church of Satan on April 30, 1966. One of his daughters took credit for killing him with a curse, which made a good cover story, but that is not what really happened. The fact is, Azazel, the spirit behind LaVey, attacked the wrong person and finished in second place.

We knew nothing of this when we toured the caverns. Only later did we discover that this was the real spiritual headquarters for Azazel, or Pan. In ancient times, the "Grotto of Pan" was located on the north side of Israel at Caesarea Philippi and was called "The Gates of Hell" (Matt. 16:18). To see a picture of it today, go to:


Jesus made reference to it while standing near the Grotto, over which was a huge rock. Hence, He said also, "Upon this rock I will build My Church." Jesus had begun His ministry by fulfilling Lev. 16:10, where the second goat was to be given into the hands of Azazel. This was fulfilled when He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil (Luke 4:1 and 2).

It was at the base of Mount Herman, where Jesus then took three disciples and was transfigured before them (Matt. 17:1-9). All of this prophesied of a future time when the THIRD CHURCH would be established after the judgment upon Pan, or Azazel. This is what is occurring in our day today, and this trip is a major part of this warfare.

I should have known that this trip would include warfare against Pan, because our meetings in the Seattle area were held at the Hermann's house. But when we don't have all the facts yet, it is hard to know what things are significant and which ones are not.

Today, however, the most important thing established was a three-fold "cord" that cannot be easily broken. Jesus speaks of "the law of Moses, the prophets, and the Psalms" (Luke 24:44). Three of us came together in Sacramento. I represented the law of Moses; Fred represented the prophets, and David represented the Psalms. By this three-sided authority, the work of binding Azazel was able to be concluded this evening at sunset.

More next time.

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