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The Elijah Task--Part 4

Apr 24, 2009

To really understand the Elijah task that is set before us, it is important to see the difference between the Kingdom of God and a Christian nation. America was established as a Christian nation, but it was secularized in the last century as part of the Babylonian captivity. A Christian nation represents the efforts of the Church to establish the Kingdom of God with the idea that Pentecost afforded us all the spiritual empowerment and authority that is needed to accomplish this goal.

In other words, it is King Saul's best effort to establish the Kingdom under the anointing of Pentecost. I can applaud their efforts and even support it. However, I also must recognize that Pentecost is insufficient for such a task, because it only gives men the downpayment of the Spirit. A Christian nation may be established though a downpayment of the Spirit, but it takes the fullness of the Spirit to establish the Kingdom of God.

In the biblical types, this is set forth in the distinction between the kingdom of Saul and the kingdom of David. Saul was crowned on Pentecost; David was crowned on a Jubilee. Saul had opportunity to do the job, but there was no way that he could succeed, simply because he was an Old Testament Pentecostal.

The Elijah task is not to re-create a Christian nation, but to establish the Kingdom of God. This cannot be done apart from the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles, which will give the overcomers the full measure of the Holy Spirit that is necessary to make it work. It will work, because the overcomers will be incorruptible, whereas Saul was corruptible, and all Christian nations since the days of Moses have corrupted themselves as well.

This corruption has brought divine judgment upon every Christian nation ever established. This includes America, which was brought into the new Babylonian captivity in 1914, precisely 2,520 years ("seven times") after the original Babylon became an empire in 607 B.C. In spite of the great Pentecostal revival in the early 1900's, the Church remained lawless and hypocritical, and so it was not sufficient to prevent this captivity.

The Elijah task is to prepare the way for the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles and the birth of the Manchild ("Christ in you" coming to full birth). Ultimately, I do not know how long this present Elijah phase will take to accomplish its purpose. I only know by revelation with signs following that we are now entering into that work. This work may turn out to be just a generational Elijah task on the order of all the Elijahs of past generations. Time will tell. But regardless, this would not change the task that lies before us.

I should add also that we have had a 30-year track record, with revelation leading to this day. I have summarized all of this in my book, The Wars of the Lord ($20). It tracks the time from 1981-1986 when the Church under Pentecost was given its final opportunity to do the work. The Church failed to respond to the call, so God separated the overcomer company ("barley") from the Church ("wheat") and called them to do what the Church had failed to do.

We saw the end of the Age of Pentecost in 1993, the 40th Jubilee of the Church. This represented the death of King Saul on May 30, 1993, and the beginning of the transition into the kingdom of David. We were led to enter into spiritual warfare to begin the "Joshua" phase of this work by warring against Jericho-Babylon from 1993-2006, or thirteen times around the "city."

And now we are entering into the "Elisha" phase of reconstruction and healing. Even as Joshua crossed the Jordan on dry ground to attack Jericho, so also Elisha crossed the Jordan on dry groundat the same location in order to heal the waters of Jericho and make the land fruitful.

The progression of these things over a period of nearly 30 years has taken place largely without our knowledge of where we were going or what we would find when we got there. We were simply led by the Spirit, and we knew just enough to continue our journey to the next revelation. The fact that we were led blindly shows that we were not able to manipulate events ahead of time, nor did we set our own course. We were simply led by the Spirit, and most of our time was spent going here and there to see what God would do.

For this reason, it appears to me that this is the final Elijah task. Since most of the past Elijah patterns were not properly recorded, however, it is hard to compare the present with the past.

Looking ahead, then, we are seeing the Elijah task today as being completed by Elisha, even as Moses' ministry was completed by Joshua. It is my early view that we should study closely the 16 miracles of Elisha, perhaps comparing them to the 8 miracles of Elijah, in order to see the basic progression of the work that lies ahead. The first work, of course, is to heal the waters of Jericho with salt (2 Kings 2:21). On Oct. 31, 2007 the "Salt Company" of five married couples was formed in Oklahoma City, and it is only now that we are beginning to see its real purpose and function. These will gather for the second time at the time of the Second Passover, May 9-11, 2009 to pray and to decree what the Spirit says.

Just before this meeting takes place, my family will be flying to the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, where our daughter will be getting married. I notice that we went to Virginia for the First Passover April 9-12; and now we are scheduled to go to the Virgin Islands and will fly out of there on the day of the Second Passover, May 9.

What is this about Virginia and Virgin Islands? Perhaps the Elijah ministry has a "virgin birth" to signify that it has no earthly father.

At any rate, we will be crossing the water, even as Elisha crossed the Jordan to heal the waters of Jericho with salt. It suggests an Elisha pattern and may prove to be significant in the days ahead. Whatever it might indicate, there is no way that we could have deliberately planned this ahead of time. We are simply seeing patterns in the "natural" outworking of the Spirit's leading.

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The Elijah Task

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