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Swine Flu Pandemic

Apr 28, 2009

Just to let you know ahead of time, our family will be taking a vacation all next week. We'll be flying to the Virgin Islands for our daughter's wedding and will stay there for a week. It will be our first true vacation in recent memory. So as Paul says in the great Love Chapter, "where there are blogs, they will cease."

We leave Friday and will return the following Friday. However, then we must make another trip, driving to Nebraska for meetings. I do not expect to be back to the office until around May 14. So if I don't write any blogs during this time, you should know the reason for this.

Swine Flu Pandemic

It looks like the latest crisis in the world is the swine flu epidemic that threatens to become a worldwide pandemic. Drug companies have no defense, they say, and cannot even produce a vaccine for at least six months. Men have been developing antibacterial drugs since the 1930's to try to make war on bacteria and viruses by poisons (drugs). Such scientists are quite intelligent, but they are no match for God's littlest creatures, who always find a way to outsmart the scientists. They learn to defend themselves against every poison man develops, mutating according to the need.

Each mutation seems to make them stronger and more deadly, transforming themselves into "superbugs" for which there is no drug-related defense. Occasionally, the scientists have expressed their worries in public that superbugs could cause a lot of havoc among the population.

There are ways to defend yourself, however. The first line of defense, of course, is prayer and faith. Fear is no defense at all, but be prudent and always be led by the Spirit.

As a second line of defense, I suggest having a supply of colloidal silver. This is not a drug and was one of the main defenses prior to the 1930's. Colloidal silver is water with tiny particles of silver in suspension. When anaerobic bacteria and even "superbugs" come in contact with it, the silver attaches itself to its breathing apparatus and, in effect, smothers the bacteria. Because it does not poison it, the bacteria have no defense and cannot mutate into any form that can defend itself better.

Silver is a natural substance (that is, it is God-created). It is not known to be toxic. There was a "blue man" back in the old circus days a century ago, whose skin had turned blue by consuming huge amounts of silver in the form of silver oxide (if I recall). I doubt if any bad bacteria were able to live more than a nano-second in his body. He turned gray-blue, but otherwise, it did not appear to be harmful to him. Of course, he had to consume huge amounts to keep his circus job in the freak shows. I don't recommend that anyone else do this, unless the circus is hiring.

Many health food stores carry colloidal silver. You can also find it on the web quite easily. Please don't ask me for any. I'm not a distributor, just a consumer. As a simple defense, I think a couple teaspoons of colloidal silver a day is a cheap pandemic defense--not a "cure," but an antibacterial, antiviral defense. Drug companies hate it, because they can't patent it, and so it competes with their own man-made drugs.

Financial News

There is a lot of conflicting financial news these days, making it confusing to the average person. We hear that banks need to be bailed out in order to prevent them from collapsing, but then they talk about the banks being fully capitalized and not in any real danger. Both statements cannot be true at the same time. If the banks were as capitalized as they say, the taxpayers would not need to bail them out.

They use fear tactics to extract money from the government, but then they claim there is no problem so that people don't panic. There is a reason for each conflicting report, and you just have to know why they feel it is necessary to lie to you. Only then does it begin to make sense. It is reported that 16 out of 19 of the largest banks are essentially insolvent today, and that if any 2 of them shut down, it would end the Babylonian system as we know it. Right now, they are still fighting for their lives, not realizing that they have already lost the battle in the heavens, and so they will certainly lose the battle here on the earth. I don't know how long this will take to play itself out, but their end will surely come, and the Kingdom of God will emerge victorious.

Remember the good old days when the unemployment rate was so low that McDonalds had to give pay raises in order to find enough help? Even the government found it didn't have to manipulate the rates to keep people happy about government performance. The rate was at 5% last December


The MUR (Manipulated Unemployment Rate) hit 7.6% by the end of January this year.


It hit 8.1% by the end of February.


The latest official figures are at 8.6%, and it could climb past 9% when the new figures are released next week. But the MUR does not count those who have stopped looking for work, nor does it count those who are underemployed (part timers). If you count the true unemployment rate, without relying on the MUR, it comes to about 18%.


This represents a meteoric rise just since last December. The reason for it takes us back to the Sept. 2008 bank crisis with the failure of Lehman Brothers and the government takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Credit froze up, and banks no longer trusted each other's manipulated figures. The lies came out into the open, and bankers themselves knew that virtually all of the financial institutions were lying and carrying two sets of books. So no one would loan money to any other bank, because no one trusted the stated value of their collateral.

Businesses found it difficult to get loans, so they closed their doors or downsized, laying off record numbers of people. Businesses are still downsizing or going bankrupt, and so we have not yet reached the bottom of this unemployment death spiral.

The good news--at least for the future--is that we are now being led to do the spiritual work of healing "Jericho." We laid siege to Jericho-Babylon from 1993-2006. During that time, the great city prospered with the dot-com bubble, followed by the housing bubble. Our predictions of Babylon's destruction seemed totally out of sync with "reality."

But once we finished the battle on Oct. 7, 2006, the Babylonian system began to collapse within months. Now that we are well into the collapse, it is time to start the rebuilding process. Once again, we zig when the system zags, and we seem totally out of sync with reality. But this is because the spiritual events always take the lead, and the earthly events always follow at a later time. This spiritual work requires faith, because it functions in an unseen realm and establishes future things. Those who walk by sight cannot participate in the divine plan, because the divine plan often seems totally contrary to earthly conditions that are seen.

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