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Passover Conference Report

Apr 14, 2009

I was unable to get an internet connection using my laptop earlier, so I could not give you a report earlier.

We had a wonderful conference just down the street from the original place where we were scheduled to meet. (Opposition forced a change of location.) I did not hear what the precise count was, but over 130 people were signed up. Fortunately, James found an excellent facility that would easily accommodate all of us, and everyone was able to sit at a table. The original location could hold only 120, even without tables.

So once again, God used our beloved enemies to bring us to the right place that could accommodate everyone comfortably.

Life is so much more enjoyable when we take all things from the hand of God, rather than seeing this as a fight with the devil.

In fact, I was wishing that they would find us and send demonstrators (as they were threatening to do), so that we could go out and reconcile with them. They missed a beautiful opportunity to see the love of God demonstrated. I am just a bit disappointed, but apparently, the Father did not feel that this was necessary.

There was no particular theme to the conference, so everyone spoke as led by the Spirit. My topic was "Understanding Spiritual Things" in two parts. I was led to give a basic Bible study on the three heavens mentioned by Paul in 2 Corinthians. The First Heavens is the physical dimension (universe), including in particular the sun, moon, and stars. The Third Heavens is the place of the Throne of God. The Second Heavens is the place of spiritual warfare.

These are pictured in the three parts of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon, as well as the three-story building on the side of the Temple which housed the priestly garments. This is relevant, because Ezekiel 44 speaks of the garments of the priests, woolen and linen, as types of body: physical and spiritual.

I spent some time showing how the Tabernacle and Temple were patterns of the spiritual "buildings" in the Second Heaven. In fact, the progression from Tabernacle to Temple shows us how the Kingdom of God on earth had progressed from the time of Moses to Solomon. The same progression is seen in the New Testament on a whole new level, because the book of Acts spoke of the Tabernacle of David being raised up at that time, but in the end (Rev. 15) it is described as a Temple. It took nearly 2000 years to progress into a finished Temple.

Anyway, I felt led to give a foundational teaching on this in order to show how prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare give us opportunity to interact with the Second Heavens. When we change conditions there, the earthly conditions are changed as well.

These teachings were recorded and also put on video. James will make them available from Stone Kingdom Ministries, and I too may send them out to my own tape ministry next month.

Signs abounded at the conference, as usual. The lobby of the hotel where we were staying had two large pictures on the wall. One was of a pitcher and a bottle of milk. The other was two jars of honey. I think they decorated it just for us to make us feel at home in the land flowing with milk and honey.

The meeting room was next to the historic Civil War battlefield at Manassas, VA. We felt that these meetings were, in part, to pray for reconciliation on many levels. We saw some interesting things indicating the repair of the breach between the North and the South. Since April 9, 2009 was precisely 144 years since the end of the Civil War, and today is 144 years since President Lincoln was shot in 1865, it is clear that these meetings involved intercession on a national scale.

The importance of these meetings was made clear to us when the opposition first surfaced. It seems that when an event is of particular importance, we always see the spiritual opposition. Of course, those who are used for that opposition have no idea how they are being used, because they generally do not understand how spiritual conditions determine their own "free will" decisions. That is the ultimate slavery--people being manipulated by spiritual conditions and entities without their knowledge.

In the weeks leading up to the meetings, I received two communications suggesting that we would see such opposition and have to deal with it. One was a Word from friends in Nebraska, and another from Canada. Because of this double witness, I am happy to report that all went well, and it was nice not to be taken by surprise. My thanks to them for sharing the Word of the Lord.

I was the final speaker on Sunday afternoon, and I finished with a commissioning prayer for the Moses/Elijah work that lies ahead. If you have read my book, The Wars of the Lord, you know that we first began getting revelation about this as early as 1984. But it was not until our Hawaii Tabernacles Conference in September of 2007 that we saw the strong prophecy of the conception of this new work of ministry. Shortly afterward, a further Word told us that it was applicable to Tabernacles conference in 2008 (a year later).

When we got to Sweetwater, TN last October for the Feast of Tabernacles, we discovered that barley had been planted, but that we would have to wait for it to ripen before this ministry could actually begin. That meant we would have to wait until April 12, 2009, when the wave-sheaf of barley was to be waved before the Lord as the first of the firstfruits.

Moses, of course, began his ministry at Passover when he led Israel out of Egypt. Likewise, John the Baptist (Elijah) began his ministry at Passover, six months before baptizing Jesus on the Day of Atonement in 29 A.D. So it should not have been a surprise that we would have to wait until the Passover season before this Moses/Elijah company could be commissioned for the work ahead.

It has now begun, but yet there is one small delay to be considered. Keep in mind that the first spiritual law is "If it can happen later, it will." In this case, the Bible speaks of TWO PASSOVERS. The second Passover comes a month after the first (Numbers 9). So we anticipate a further one-month delay to May 8-10, after which time it appears that the way will be fully cleared to begin this world-wide work of going into all nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Keep in mind also that this is more than a Moses/Elijah ministry. It is actually a Joshua/Elisha ministry, because we are seeing this manifested on a higher level, seeing that we are functioning in the time of the second work of Christ, as described in my book, The Laws of the Second Coming.

Joshua's first work was to conquer and destroy Jericho. Elisha's first work was to HEAL the waters of Jericho through the use of SALT. In the modern fulfillment, we completed the conquest of Jericho (Babylon) from 1993-2006. On April 12, 2009 "Elisha" received the mantle of commissioning. Next month at the Second Passover the Salt Company will be meeting to pray/prophesy the healing of the waters of Jericho.

Yes, there is a small group of people that received the revelation in October of 2007 about "salt" and the "salt covenant." This group called for a meeting May 8-10 some weeks ago--long before we had any revelation of healing the waters of Jericho.

I love these coincidences. God plans all things, and then gives us revelation piece meal so that we are all surprised when all the pieces come together later. Such progressive revelation, I think, is called "the joy of discovery." Or, as someone else has said, "I love it when a plan comes together."

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