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The Timing of the Haggai Ministry--Part 3

Jul 30, 2008

The 7-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign began on Nov. 21, 1993, and the first phase of the warfare ended eight days later on November 29. We understood at the time that this warfare was extended to seven years and would end Nov. 29, 2000.

Because it was a type of Jericho march, we saw how Israel had marched around Jericho once a day blowing trumpets. We marched around "Jericho" (actually, Babylon) seven years--a year for a day.

The end point of this battle nearly coincided with the 7 1/2 year transition from Saul to David (2 Sam. 5:5). Recall that "Saul" had "died" on May 30, 1993 after reigning 40 Jubilees.

When we came to the year 2000, the events themselves brought clarity to this prophetic type. Up to that point, I had assumed that the overcomers (representing David) would be crowned on Nov. 30, 2000, since that was 7 1/2 years after May 30, 1993. But when the time drew near, we saw the prophetic "crowning" actually take place at the Feast of Tabernacles on Oct. 20, while we were at Champaign, Illinois.

During that feast, Sunny Day Roberts invited us to come to a meeting on Nov. 28-30 in Wisconsin. Only then did I look more carefully at 2 Sam. 5:5 and discovered that I had slightly misinterpreted the verse:

"At Hebron he [David] reigned over Judah seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah."

In other words, the 7 1/2 years did not end with his coronation over all Israel and Judah, but with his reign in Jerusalem. David was crowned king before he conquered Jerusalem. In fact, his conquest of Jerusalem was his first act after being crowned king.

So we came to see that David was crowned at the feast of Tabernacles, and then he conquered Jerusalem a month later. We came to see this by following the leading of the Lord, for we saw the overcomers "crowned" at Tabernacles on Oct. 20, and then we saw "the conquest of Jerusalem" on November 29. The next day, November 30, we spoke prophetically to establish the rule of the overcomers in the NEW Jerusalem. This was precisely 7 1/2 years after May 30, 1993.

Obviously, there are many details that I cannot cover at the moment. There is a lengthy story to every incident that I mention, and I cannot write about everything at once. For now, I must stay with the bigger picture, and then perhaps I can fill in the details at a more appropriate time.

Anyway, in two months' time, on January 29, 2001, we began to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of America. This warfare included many battles throughout the year and did not fully end until Nov. 15, 2001. As I have mentioned earlier, it included the "God Bless America" prayer in late March as well as the July battles, culminating on July 11, which we saw reflected in the earth two months later on Sept. 11, 2001. Then our prayer suddenly became the most popular prayer in America: God Bless America.

Most people did not understand the meaning or the significance of their own prayer, but we did, because God had revealed it in March 2001. Acts 3:25, 26 defines "bless" as "turning every one of you from your wicked ways." In other words, everyone was inadvertently appealing to God to turn the nation from its wicked ways!

Yes, that was the primary purpose of our warfare in 2001. God answered this prayer on Sept. 11, 2001. It was a strange way to answer prayer, but God is using it and the subsequent wars and economic troubles to bring America to its knees in repentance. Jeremiah 2:19 says,

"Your own wickedness will correct you, and your apostasies will reprove you; know therefore and see that it is evil and bitter for you to forsake the Lord your God."

This is what we are seeing today. The primary result of war is that we are going bankrupt and are destroying our economy by these foreign wars on the grounds of "security." We are trying to defend ourselves from God, instead of repenting for our own wickedness. It will not work. Things will only get worse until we finally recognize that God is the One who is chastising us by using our own wickedness against us.

The Haggai ministry (2001-2006) covers much of this time frame of divine judgment, except for the time of building the vessels and furniture for the true Temple of God (2006-2010?).

God always judges with an ultimate purpose for correction. Sometimes the correction will happen in the short term, while with others it will occur at the Great White Throne. But it is always corrective in nature. (See my book, The Restoration of All Things.) For this reason, in the midst of the "negative" things that God is doing to destroy Mystery Babylon's rule over God's people, He is also doing a very "positive" work of finishing His Temple before He glorifies it.

The Seven Bowls of Water and Wine

From our understanding of timing, we understood that after the time of the seven trumpets (marching around Jericho), we would see God pour out seven bowls of wine to bring judgment upon Jericho-Babylon. We were shown that this would be another seven-year period (2000-2006/7). So I was led to act this out physically as a visual illustration of what God was doing. In other words, having heard the Word of revelation in this regard, I was simply responding with an AMEN.

For this reason, I poured out a bowl of wine at Champaign, Illinois on the eighth day of Tabernacles, October 21, 2000. This was just the first of seven, one each successive year:

1. Oct. 21, 2000. Champaign, Illinois--on the earth (Rev. 16:2)

2. Oct. 9, 2001. Port Austin, Michigan--in the sea, Lake Huron (Rev. 16:3)

3. Sept. 27, 2002. Fridley, Minnesota--in the Mississippi River (Rev. 16:4)

4.  Oct. 17, 2003. Chandler, Arizona, "the Valley of the Sun"--on the sun (Rev. 16:8)

5. Oct. 6, 2004. Washington D.C.--on the seat of the beast (Rev. 16:10)

6. Sept. 26, 2005, Fruita, Colorado (in the Colorado River)--in the Euphrates, which means "fruitful" (Rev. 16:12)

7. Oct. 7, 2006, Babylon, New York--in the air (Rev. 16:17)

On each of these occasions, I poured out (at the same time) a bowl of wine with the left hand and a bowl of water with the right hand. The left hand signifies judgment; the right hand signifies mercy. The wine in this case signified judgment upon Babylon; the water signified the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

This was patterned after the manner in which they poured out the drink offerings at Tabernacles in the old temple. They poured out water in a pipe on the right side of the altar, along with wine on the left side. This practice was probably what John was seeing in Revelation 16, since the entire book is patterned closely after the things done in the temple, which he had often observed.

In looking at the bigger picture, these things were done physically as prophetic acts according to the revelation that we were given. Such things were often done in Scripture as well, so this was nothing new. The point is to show that we were foreseeing the collapse of Mystery Babylon some years ago, and because Jericho's walls did not fall until the last trip had been made around the city, we knew that the same would be true today.

Interestingly enough, the final episode of the TV series, "Jericho" aired on Nov. 29, 2006, shortly after the seventh bowl had been poured out. It was also precisely 6 years after Nov. 29, 2000, which I wrote about earlier.

Sunny Day had also called for a meeting at the Jericho Lounge at a Super 8 motel in Wisconsin that year, and then, after the last bowl of wine was poured out, they tore down the Jericho Lounge. "Jericho" was finished.

This is the third part of a series titled "The Timing of the Haggai Ministry." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Timing of the Haggai Ministry

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