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America's Time of Jacob's Trouble--Part 3

Jul 23, 2008

The primary American cycle reflecting "the time of Jacob's trouble" is from 1776-1986. However, like with most cycles, there is more than one beginning point, and therefore more than one end point as well.

The above had its origin in the year 745 B.C., when the first of Israel's tribes began to be deported to Assyria. But as we have already shown, the year 721 B.C. is equally important, for it was the year of the fall of Samaria, which completed the demise of the house of Israel. If we use this date as a starting point for 12 periods of 210 years, we come to the year 1800 when Washington D.C. was built and became our nation's capital.

Extending 210 years from that date brings us to the year 2010. So 2010 is probably just as important as the year 1986 in modern American history. In fact, it may be much more important, because most likely it will have something to do with Washington D.C. and perhaps our entire political apparatus.

Since the Hebrew years begin in September, the year 2010 actually begins in September of 2009. I already showed that August 26, 2009 is a watch date, because it is 1,260 days from March 15, 2006 (the 2,520-year anniversary of the completion of the Second Temple in 515 B.C.). We think this may prove to be the end of the time of "building or dedicating the vessels of the Temple." If the time is actually extended to 1,290 days, it would extend into September after the feast of Trumpets. We will be watching.

There may be other end points as well, but they are too distant to have any immediate relevance. Perhaps Hezekiah's revelation itself may prove to be significant. It occurred in the year 713 B.C., and Jerusalem's deliverance from Assyria (2 Kings 19:35) occurred in 711 B.C. We know this, because Samaria fell in the sixth year of Hezekiah (2 Kings 17:10). Eight years later, in Hezekiah's 14th year, the Assyrians came to try to conquer Jerusalem (17:13).

So if the sixth year of Hezekiah was the year 721 B.C., then his 14th year was 713 B.C. That was the year of the Hezekiah revelation about "this year" (713) and "the second year" (712) and "the third year" (711).

Anyway, in our day this could possibly translate into "watch dates" from 2018-2020.

But let us turn our attention to what we know, rather than speculating on future things. There are other significant 210-year cycles in American history, such as:




In 1781 the Articles of Confederation were established, which gave America its first Constitution and its first president, John Hanson. George Washington was actually our 8th president, but he was the first under the Constitution passed in 1789. Looking 210 years later, the year 1991 was the year that the revelation of timing was given to me, which led to the Jubilee Prayer Campaign (1993) and to the declaration of the Jubilee in 1996.

In 1783 the Peace of Versailles brought an official end to the War of Independence, and Britain officially recognized the independence of the United States. Looking 210 years later, the year 1993 was the 40th Jubilee of the Church under Pentecost (from 33 A.D.). These 40 Jubilees represented the rule of King Saul, the Pentecostal type of the Old Testament. Saul "died" on May 30, 1993, which was Pentecost in that year. Six months later we began the Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

In 1789 the American Constitution was established. Looking 210 years later, we come to 1999, which was Jesus' 2000th birthday, having been born in Bethlehem on Sept. 29, 2 B.C. (See my book, When REALLY Was Jesus Born?) On a parallel set of events, 1789 also saw the beginning of the French Revolution, which began to eclipse Papal power. See the FFI for August 2008 (now posted), showing how the beast from the sea (Rev. 13:1) began to be replaced by the beast from the earth (Rev. 13:11). The importance of the year 1789 should not be underestimated--nor the year 1999.

Then, as I have said, the year 1800 is when Washington D.C. was completed, and the American government moved to that location. It was 2,520 years after Samaria was destroyed in ancient Israel. Looking ahead 210 years, we come to the year 2010, which is close enough now to treat it as a serious watch date.

2,730 years and the Number 273

In all of the above cycles, we have really been writing about 13 periods of 210 years, or 2730 years. It is 210 years for all 13 tribes (including Levi). This number (2730) is a very important number in its own right, apart from its connection to 2,520 or even 210.

First, 273 is the mysterious number found in Num. 3:43, and it is associated with the tribe of Levi. God required all the firstborn of Israel to be given to Him, but instead of taking all the firstborn of every tribe to serve Him, He took the tribe of Levi as a substitute. There were 22,000 Levites (men who were of age), but there were 22,273 firstborn of Israel. So there were 273 firstborn who were redeemed separately (by silver).

The 22,000 Levites represent the sons of God in general, for 22 is the biblical number for "the sons of light." (See my online book, The Biblical Meaning of Numbers.) One thousand is the number of glory. So the 22,000 Levites represent the glorified sons of God. But what about the 273 extras? They must mean something prophetically.

First, it is interesting that the scientific measure for temperature has established -273 degrees Celsius as "Absolute Zero." It is the temperature at which atomic movement ceases. Perhaps this speaks of the sons of God who come to the point where they have truly "died to self."

2,730 years is also 390 x 7

Finally, as I pointed out in my book, Secrets of Time, this 2,730-year period is not only 13 x 210, but is also 7 x 390 years. The number 390 is specifically associated with the house of Israel in Ezekiel 4:5, even as 40 is associated with the house of Judah.

The number 390 is rooted in the number 39, which means "infirmity." Applied nationally, 390 has to do with "No King in Israel." That was Israel's national infirmity, as I explained in chapter 13 of Secrets of Time. Hosea 3:4 says, "for the sons of Israel will remain for many days without king or prince."

Of course, when those Israelites were taken to Assyria, they obviously had a king. His name was Shalmanezer, King of Assyria. Later, Israelite groups formed nations in Europe and established monarchs as well. Obviously, Hosea's prophecy was not a reference to the rule of ordinary kings or princes, but was a messianic prophecy of Jesus Christ.

It is quite probable that this will be the most important factor in the cycle ending in 2010. It is 7 x 390 years after the end of Israel's monarchy in Canaan. Are we now coming to the end of Israel's time without the rightful Heir to the throne?

I have believed for years that America will repent and once again declare Jesus Christ to be their King, as the Declaration of Independence almost did. I wonder if perhaps the year 2010 may be an important year in that regard--perhaps the beginning of a move toward this goal. I have also believed that President Bush would repent and make this declaration, but he is scheduled to leave office in January of 2009. So I do not know what to make of this at the present time.

The problem with teaching up-to-date prophecies is that we come to a point where we can develop eye strain trying to peer into things not yet revealed. Yet if you know the basic cycles of prophetic time, you will know the times and seasons to watch.

This is the final part of a series titled "America's Time of Jacob's Trouble." To view all parts, click the link below.

America's Time of Jacob's Trouble

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