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Israeli Knesset Votes to Annex East Jerusalem

Nov 15, 2007

On November 14 the Israeli parliament voted to seize East Jerusalem. This is not a final vote, but it could be the beginning of a final seizure of the city from the Palestinians in defiance of international law.

Of course, most American lawmakers continue to look the other way when the Israelis violate international law, while condemning other nations that do this. This double standard is, in turn, a violation of biblical law, which demands equal weights and measures.


This bill is an attempt to kill the peace talks that are scheduled to occur in Annapolis, Maryland on Nov. 26. While most people think it is the Palestinians that are the obstacle to peace, it is really the other way around. The Israelis do stupid things like this purposely to inflame the Palestinians, so that when the Palestinians react negatively, the blame falls upon them. The American media conveniently forgets who started it.

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Category: Middle East
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones