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The Success of the Kingdom: Part 5, The Seven Bowls

Jul 03, 2007

As I wrote earlier, Nov. 30, 2000 ended the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David, prophetically speaking. But this statement is not fully accurate. 2 Sam. 5:5 reads,

"At Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah."

In other words, this is not dated from the time David was actually crowned king over all Israel. It is dated from the time he moved his throne from Hebron to Jerusalem. He did not conquer Jerusalem until after he had been crowned king over all Israel. In fact, the conquest of Jerusalem was the first event after his coronation (2 Sam. 5:6-9).

So as things worked out in the year 2000, we actually saw this series of events playing out in a prophetic way:

1. The "coronation" on October 20, 2000 (Feast of Tabernacles)

2. The "conquest of Jerusalem" on November 29 (end of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign)

3. The "New Jerusalem Capital established" on November 30 (end of 7-1/2 year transition)

Each of the above events would require an entire web log to relate the story, but our present purpose is to give more of an overview. Perhaps we will find time to pick up these details in the future.

To understand what has been happening from 2000-2007, it is again necessary to step back for a moment and give a little more background. The book of Revelation speaks of 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 vials (bowls of wine). This prophecy follows the pattern of the Hebrew calendar, where the 7 seals are meant to represent 7 years of a Sabbath cycle.

The 7 trumpets represent 7 months in the year, because the priests blew a trumpet at the beginning of each month in the evening when they witnessed the first crescent moon near the setting sun.

The 7 vials are 7 bowls of wine poured out during the feast of Tabernacles, which was in the seventh month.

The 7 seals can be viewed either as the time of the 7 Churches (33-1993 A.D.) or in a more limited view from 1986-1993. I explained the 7 Church ages in my book, The Seven Churches, showing how each Church Age prophesied of the condition of the Church from 33-1993 A.D. But if we view it in a more short-term manner, the 7 years began in 1986, which was the 120th Jubilee from Adam, and ended in 1993, which was the 40th Jubilee of the Church.

The 7 trumpets extend from 1993-2000 and correlate with the Jubilee Prayer Campaign. The word of the Lord given to us indicated that this prayer campaign was like the Jericho battle in Joshua 6, where Israel was to march around the city once a day for 7 days, blowing TRUMPETS. In about 1998, I finally discovered that the word "trumpets" was from the Hebrew word yobel, which means "Jubilee." In other words, they were literally to "blow the Jubilee" for 7 days. And since this was an act of spiritual warfare, it was their Jubilee Prayer Campaign. Thus, we followed the same pattern in our warfare against Mystery Babylon.

The 7 vials (bowls) extend from 2000-2007 and correlate with the present time. We were led to pour out a bowl of wine each year for 7 years (2000-2006 inclusive). The first bowl was poured out on the eighth day of the feast of Tabernacles, October 21, 2000. We poured out a bowl each year at Tabernacles, ending with the 7th bowl in 2006. The final bowl was a little different, because we were led to pour it out on the Day of Atonement instead of Tabernacles. This was done October 7, 2006.

This completed that phase of the work. We wondered for years, of course, what this might mean in terms of prophetic events. We noticed a general pattern that each bowl of wine poured out marked the culmination of the previous year's events, but it also marked the beginning of the next year's events. In other words, it normally would take a full year for the effects of each bowl to manifest in actual earthly events.

So far, the year 2007 has been a revelation of the meaning of the 7th bowl poured out last October. It has become clear that the 7 bowls have prepared the way for a new work of ministry that is shortly to come. This new ministry has been prophesied since the early 1980's and was foreseen in the first Net of Prayer, where it was called The Open Door Ministry. I see it as a ministry in which the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached in all the earth, as Jesus prophesied in Matt. 24:14.

Men may argue that this Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached from the beginning. I do not doubt that it was preached in the first century or two, but after that, the Gospel seemed to take a more restricted form. As time passed, it became the Gospel of Saul's Kingdom, not the Gospel of David's Kingdom. This was to be expected, of course, since the Age of Pentecost was about Saul's Kingdom.

The Gospel of Saul's Kingdom predominated throughout the rest of the Age of Pentecost, which did not end until "Saul" died in 1993. That brought us to the transition from Saul to David (1993-2000), which also overlaid upon the Jubilee Prayer Campaign to overthrow Mystery Babylon. This was also the time of the 7 trumpets.

Even though the overcomers were given the full authority of "David" in late 2000, we still had more preparation to do until 2007 by means of the 7 bowls. It is only now that we are finally coming into the time where we may see this Gospel of DAVID's Kingdom being preached in all the world.

This Gospel is NOT the Gospel of a Jewish Kingdom, for that is a carnal counterfeit that was developed in the past century.

The things that I have been writing reveal what I believe to be the true Gospel of the Kingdom. It is not a kingdom that will re-establish animal sacrifices to replace the true Lamb of God. It will not focus upon a rebuilt physical temple in Jerusalem to replace the true Temple built upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles (Eph. 2:20-22). Nor will it call Levites to replace the Melchizedek Order that Jesus put into place. The Age to come will not rebuild a middle wall of partition to keep non-Jewish Christians from getting too close to God.

The counterfeit Gospel of the Jewish kingdom has gained much popularity in the past century, but that is not the Gospel that is about to be preached today. For many years we have prepared the ground for the true Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It will be based on the law of impartiality (Exodus 23:1-9; James 2). It will be based upon the New Covenant, and not simply a re-instatement of the Old Covenant. The Book of Hebrews will be the most important text book revealing the character of the Kingdom of God that is to be preached.

The (counterfeit) Gospel of the Jewish Kingdom complains about "Replacement Theology," when in fact it sets about replacing everything that Jesus Christ established. But the counterfeit will not bear fruit, and we will know it by its fruits. The violent and bitter fruit of the Israeli state is already widely known, and it finds support only among the hard-core evangelical community that has believed the counterfeit. The world has better eyesight than does the Church and cannot understand Christian support for such violence and injustice in the name of Bible prophecy.

Ultimately, the counterfeit will be exposed by its lack of fruit. King Saul has already passed away. A new era is upon us. The Gospel of the Kingdom must yet be preached. How long that will take is yet unknown, but it will succeed where the counterfeit has failed.

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