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Israeli Settlers Unlawfully Make War on Trees

Jul 30, 2007

One of the laws of war in Deut. 20:19, 20 states that Israel was not allowed to cut down fruit-bearing trees in their wars with their enemies. They were only allowed to cut down non-fruitbearing trees.

Israeli settlers at Hebron are violating this law, perhaps by thinking legalistically that the law does not reference BURNING these trees, but only cutting them down.

Ariel Herschfeld writes about this unlawful practice against the Palestinian farmers who are trying to make a living with their olive trees. Take note that these Israeli fanatics call the Palestinians by the term "Amalek," which, I suppose, is supposed to meant to justify their sin:


Of course, Amalek was an Edomite tribe. The Edomites were absorbed in Jewry in 126 B.C. and thereafter ceased to be a nation separate from Jewry. So who's calling who an Amalekite?

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Category: Middle East
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones