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The Success of the Kingdom: Part 3, The Jubilee Prayer Campaign

Jun 30, 2007

The Kingdom will not succeed when based only upon one's knowledge of the Bible. It will succeed when the Bible becomes a Living Word to people on earth. Biblical knowledge is good, even as a plow is good and useful to a farmer. But a plow is just a plow until it is used in a practical manner.

So also it is with the Bible. Some groups specialize in Bible study, as I did in my early years. Others specialize in being led by the Spirit. But it is only when we merge the two that the things written in Scripture actually become practical realities in the earth and in our personal lives.

When the Spirit and the Word come into agreement, the Spirit is manifested in human flesh, and heaven begins to emerge in the earth. This is why Jesus was called "The Amen" of God (Rev. 3:14). All that He did and said were duplicates of what He had seen His father do and heard His Father say.

My life changed irrevocably in late 1981, when God called me to come up higher and began to teach me to hear His voice and be led by the Spirit. It took some years before I began to understand what He was doing in my life. It was a slow process. Actually, by revelation, I knew that this was going to be a 12-year training period from November of 1981 to November of 1993.

During that time, God gave me tutors and governors who taught me many things about intercession and spiritual warfare. Then finally in November of 1993, I was ready to lead others in spiritual warfare. This was, of course, in the middle of that 5-year period from 1991-1996, during which time God was calling the overcomers to intercession and spiritual warfare as part of the new Net of Prayer.

We were led to hold the Jubilee Prayer Campaign from Nov. 21-29, 1993. This was the 46th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution in 1947. That resolution was put into the hands of the United Nations on Nov. 21, 1947 and then debated until its passage on Nov. 29. This laid the groundwork for the withdrawal of British troops from Palestine. When the British finished their withdrawal, the Israeli state was proclaimed on May 14, 1948.

The new state was not supposed to be a Jewish State, where Palestinian people were considered to be Canaanites to be exterminated--or at best, second-class citizens. The U.N. resolution had declared Palestine to be a Jewish homeland, where Jews could come and live side by side with Palestinians on an equal footing. So when the Jewish Agency seized the reigns of authority for themselves, the Palestinians were upset. This precipitated a war with the neighboring states.

Of course, the Church world went a bit crazy, with many preachers confidently proclaiming the beginning of "The Great Tribulation." The Antichrist was to rise, if not immediately, then certainly after three and a half years--by the end of 1951. Jesus was going to come within seven years, and the Jews would all be converted when they saw Him riding a white horse down St. Cloud Boulevard.

Of course, none of this came to pass. Obviously, their understanding of prophecy was faulty.

In 1993 the Israeli state had come to the end of a 46-year period. This number 46 was important, because it is associated with the "temple." In fact, the Greek word for temple is naos, and this word appears 46 times in the New Testament. In John 2:20, the Jews said, "forty and six years was this temple in building." The gematria of this phrase is 3588 (or 46 x 78).

The Bible says that our bodies are the temple of God. Adam, then, may be considered to be the first temple of God. The gematria of his name in Hebrew is 46. In our Adamic flesh, we are God's temple, and these bodies are defined by 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46.

So it is beyond question that 46 is an important biblical number associated with the temple. Many have thought that the Jews would build a temple in Jerusalem after destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque. Many Jews themselves are working toward that goal. I doubt that this will happen, though I have no doubt that they will try. I suspect that they will destroy the mosque in the coming war with Iran, since war is the most plausible excuse for all sin and injustice.

In my view, the "temple" in today's application of prophecy is a body of people, rather than a physical structure. There were two temples in Scripture: Solomon's temple, which housed the glory of God, and the Second Temple, which was NEVER glorified by His presence and which did not house the Ark of the Covenant.

So when we speak of our bodies being the temple of God, we must take note that there are two kinds of temples--those with and those without the Spirit and presence of God. This applies to individuals as well as to corporate bodies of people.

In one application of this, the Israeli state itself, which is made up of its people, form a temple. More specifically, the building and progression of the Israeli state is like the building of a temple. This temple reached its 46th anniversary of building in 1993, dating from the U.N. Resolution in 1947. We marked the time by holding the first phase of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign on this 46th anniversary of that Palestinian Resolution.

In essence, the prayer campaign was designed to go before the Divine Court and lodge a complaint against Babylon for claiming authority over the earth without fulfilling the obligation of that authority--which is to bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom (the Manchild, or the manifestation of the Sons of God).

We knew, of course, that Babylon would not release its captives without being forced to do so. This pattern was set in the time of Jeremiah, who prophesied in Jer. 50:33, "all that took them captives held them fast; they refused to let them go."

It was the same with Pharaoh in the days of Moses. God hardened Pharaoh's heart in order that he might refuse to let Israel go, because He intended to judge Egypt with ten plagues. So also with Babylon, both in Jeremiah's day and in our own day as well. The world Babylonian system will not let go of its captives without coming first under divine judgment.

And so we came to see that the Jubilee Prayer Campaign was a 7-year battle (actually, a court battle in the Divine Court). It would not end until Nov. 29, 2000.

That date coincided with another very important time cycle that had to do with the transition from Saul to David. From 2 Sam. 5:5 we know that after King Saul died, David was crowned king over a single tribe (Judah), and it was not for another seven and a half years that the rest of the tribes crowned him king over ALL ISRAEL.

Prophetically speaking, Saul was a type of the Church under Pentecost. Saul ruled 40 years; the Church under Pentecost ruled 40 Jubilees until May 30, 1993. Thus, the 7-1/2 year transition from "Saul" to "David" extended to Nov. 30, 2000, which was the day after the end of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

Obviously, we wondered for many years what might happen on that date. We wondered whether it would manifest in an open event picked up by the news media, or perhaps a more hidden work. But one thing we knew--the Overcomer company is fulfilling the role of "David" and was to receive the full authority to rule at that time. But HOW? In what manner? In what form? That was unknown.

Yet the point of this is that there has been a progression of the Kingdom. There has been a transfer of (collective) authority from King Saul's Pentecostal Church to King David's Overcomer Body. This has been a vital step necessary to the success of the Kingdom. The implications of this transfer of authority are now becoming clearer, and so I will explain this further in the next part of our study.

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