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Intercession for America: Part 2

Jun 10, 2006

After our meetings at the DoubleTree in Minneapolis were concluded (Feb. 22, 2001), I took a plane to Seattle, Washington State, where I was scheduled to hold other meetings. The Father revealed that an "all-out war" was about to begin on February 26. It was to begin with a two-day spiritual battle from Feb. 26 to Feb. 28, ending at 10:33 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. As we prayed in Seattle on Feb. 26 He said to us,

"This battle will be against the Red Dragon, Beelzebub, and the Prince of Revenge. It will last two days. The Red Dragon is leading the battle, but remains in the background. Beelzebub and the Prince of Revenge will be overthrown, but not the Red Dragon. When you overthrow them, replace them with Joy and Peace.

(Feb. 27) "Beelzebub is a Troubling Spirit, the counterpart to Joy. The Red Dragon has given you legal cause against him, and I will lead you into an offensive warfare against him March 22. The battle will last to the third day. You will overthrow and imprison the Red Dragon and three other princes."

In other words, Beelzebub's "counterpart" was Joy, while Revenge's "counterpart" was Peace. These were two of the seven ruling spirits over America that we were to engage in warfare. This rather cryptic word told us of the Red Dragon, which was a third spirit, but it said nothing of the other four.

Yet we did learn from this that the Red Dragon and three other princes would be overthrown from March 22-24, 2001. This only left one other unknown prince to be overthrown at some other unknown date.

I returned to Minneapolis on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001. The battle ended the next day at 10:32 a.m. (PST) when we took captive the spirit of Revenge and Beelzebub, the "lord of the flies." Shortly after the battle was concluded, my friend John (from Seattle) called me to inform me that a 6.8 Richter quake had just hit Seattle and especially Olympia, the capital of Washington. The quake was so powerful that it actually cracked the capitol dome, and state employees were unable to go to work because of safety concerns. See http://www.ess.washington.edu/shake/0102281854/intensity.html

The quake occurred at 10:54 a.m. just 22 minutes after our prayer ended the prayer battle. The Father told us that the quake had been caused by the spirit of Revenge, who knew he was about to be taken captive and thus took vengeance.

We learned many years ago that Washington State was the spiritual headquarters of Washington D.C. In fact, in 1993 the Father had moved us to Washington State to the Seattle area in order to monitor what was happening in Washington D.C. That same year, Bill Clinton moved from Arkansas to Washington D.C. to become the 42nd president. The Lord moved us from Arkansas to Washington State, which was the 42nd state.

And so, when this quake cracked the Capitol Dome in Olympia, Washington, we saw this as a major sign of what was about to happen in Washington D.C. The only difference is that in Olympia, Washington the allegory is about the ancient Greek gods, who were worshipped from Mount Olympus; while in Washington D.C. the allegory is about the Roman gods.

The Capitol Dome in Washington D.C. is under the statue of Persephone, one of the Roman goddesses. She was also known as Libera ("Liberty"), so the scuptor called his statue "Freedom." She stands 19 feet 6 inches, which works out to 6 6 6 feet and 6 6 6 inches.

Persephone was placed upon the Dome on Dec. 2, 1863 in the middle of the Civil War. President Lincoln declined to attend the ceremony, claiming to have a "fever." He was well aware of the symbolism, but was unable to stop it, since Congress had already passed the bill authorizing it in 1855.

The cracked Dome on the Capitol of Washington State prophetically spoke of soon-coming events in Washington D.C., caused by the Prince of Revenge. At the time, we had no idea what would happen or when. We already had our hands full as we focused upon the prayer battle at hand. But a few months later on Sept. 11, 2001, we began to see the correlation, when the World Trade Center was attacked, along with the Pentagon.

Though the Capitol Dome in Washington was not attacked, it certainly affected the whole government. Furthermore, the government responded by the spirit of Revenge, instead of asking God why He had removed His hand of protection from us. Our first response should have been to seek God and to repent of our own sins, instead of looking across the world to blame others.

Yet, as long as Persephone stands in authority over the Capitol Dome in Washington D.C., it testifies to the world that we are ruled by false gods. Even if we take "Freedom" to be a concept rather than a goddess, we ought not to worship Freedom. Biblical examples show that freedom is a privilege from God, not an absolute divine right. Freedom was given to Israel as a by-product of obedience to divine law. When they rebelled against God, He "sold them" them into captivity to foreign nations.

Those who worship Freedom instead of the true God will fight God to retain Freedom, instead of repenting for rebellion against Him. But since America worships Freedom, we are vulnerable to the Spirit of Revenge when God raises up others to threaten our freedom. This is what occurred in 2001.

Now let me inform you of my reasons for explaining these prayer battles in 2001. The other night God spoke to me about another prayer campaign next week, in which all of you who have willing hearts are freely invited to participate. I do not yet have all the details, except to tell you that it will be held next Thursday, June 15, 2006.

It will be called "God Is Able" Prayer Campaign, taken from 2 Cor. 9:8,

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed."

If you read the context, you will see that it has to do with bringing forth abundantly. My purpose is to sow the Word in order to bring forth an abundant harvest--not money or "things", but an abundance of informed people who simply believe.

I will post a simple prayer on Thursday for you to read as a prayer to God, not to make a ritual of the wording, but to provide focus and agreement to all who participate. All I know at the present time is that it will be simple prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would come upon all nations and turn the hearts of all people.

There is no sign-up sheet. You do not have to tell me that you want to participate. This is purely a matter between you and God.

Of course, there is no cost, except for a little of your time. Neither does it matter what denomination you may call yourself. Actually, it does not even matter if you are a Christian or not. I welcome non-Christians to pray to God, for that is how we have all come to be believers in the beginning. Rom. 10:13 says, "For whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved." Thus, if you have questions of your "worthiness" to participate, as so many do, just let God worry about the worthiness issue. He is always waiting to hear from you, regardless of what men have told you, and regardless of your own feelings about yourself.

This is a prayer campaign for you, the people. It is the first online prayer campaign that I have ever called. It was not possible just a few short years ago. But now I am seeing that this is one of the primary reasons God had me begin to write these web logs. It is why God has had me share so many things that have never been shared so freely to the public.

This is the second part of a series titled "Intercession for America." To view all parts, click the link below.

Intercession for America

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