The Joseph Conference



Hosted by Seed One Ministry

This conference will be hosted by Seed One Ministry, and it will not be live streamed, but it will be recorded and the recordings will be uploaded to YouTube. 

You can view the conference details page set up by Seed One Ministry here, where you can also RSVP if you feel led to, to let us know you are coming, but it's not required to attend the conference.

Below you can view the promo video set up for the conference by Seed One Ministry.

About The Conference

We are planning to hold a conference at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, California (see Booking Information), beginning early afternoon on Friday, January 25 and ending at noon on Sunday, January 27.

It will be 18 years since we had a conference in San Diego. We have had conferences in northern California some years ago, but this is the first in southern California since the Sonship Conference in January 2001 with Elaine Cooke.

I will not be the only speaker but will be the only speaker that most of you know. I will be teaching for most of the time at this conference. That will allow me to develop a theme that centers around the Joseph calling/ministry as it applies to us today. I don’t yet know precisely what theme to develop. Joseph is about Sonship and the Birthright as well as being about preparation for “famine in Egypt.” Since we are now in a transition of the ages, such preparation is relevant to us today.

We will have two other speakers, who are from the San Diego area, who are helping to sponsor this conference. One speaker will be Joseph Worth; hence, this is a “Joseph” conference. This Joseph conference appears to be related to the previous Sonship conference, since “Joseph is a fruitful son” (literal translation of Genesis 49:22).

See you in January!

Booking Information (Hotel) 

Lafayette Hotel
2223 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, California 92104

Room rates are $109/night. There will also be a “parking” fee of $18 per night. We have reserved a block of 30 rooms with more rooms possible if we fill the first 30 early.

As usual, there is no registration fee. Neither will it be necessary to sign up ahead of time. We will ask the hotel from time to time how many rooms are being filled, so we have some idea how many people are coming. Yet we know that there are some who live in or near San Diego who will just commute each day.

To get the reduced room rate, tell them you are coming for the God’s Kingdom Ministries conference. We were not given a web link to sign up online, so you will have to call the hotel directly to make a reservation. Call the hotel at: 619-296-2101


Stephen DeSilva
Stephen DeSilva began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant, where he excelled in auditing, tax preparation, and peer review compliance services. In 1995 he joined Bethel Church in Redding, CA to serve as chief financial officer and member of their senior leadership team. 

After two decades of learning and growing at Bethel, Stephen followed the call of the Lord to create and teach full-time on the subjects of money and the prosperous soul. With a unique blend of experience, humor, and creativity, Stephen offers the Body of Christ a fresh, Holy Spirit-inspired perspective with his biblically based financial insights. Stephen is based in Redding, California, with the wife of his youth, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry Bethel Sozo International. 

Doug Tjaden

Doug Tjaden is a Kingdom money strategist and advocate, author, public speaker, pastor, radio talk show co-host and small business owner. Doug serves on the Executive Committee for The Statesmen Project, an international movement of concerned citizens responding to the growing economic and social crises with practical Biblical principles and models that solve specific community and national problems.

Joseph Worth

Joseph Worth is an author, speaker and founder of Financial Technology startup Seed. Joseph is a former Wall Street investment banker and served as President of four time Inc. 500 real estate company Fathom Realty. He earned his MBA in Finance at NYU and resides in San Diego with his wife Rebekah and daughters Sydney and Sienna.

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is an author and teacher of the Scriptures, specializing in Bible Law and history. He is the head of God’s Kingdom Ministries, currently based in Minneapolis, MN.

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If you would like to make a contribution to help with the event costs (conference rooms, speaker's accommodations, etc), you can make a donation using the donate button to the right. It will take you to our regular donation page. All donations go to God's Kingdom Ministries, and we thank you for your help.

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