Tabernacles Conference 2015

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Welcome to the 2015 Tabernacles Conference Event Page

Please visit this page regularly as information will be periodically updated as needed.

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Video Streaming And Chat


To Reach "The Live Streaming Center Page"
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The Streaming Center Page Contains the Live Stream, Chat Service, and Recorded Streams as they become available.


The Streaming Center will only be available until Sunday October 11th

Recordings of the conference will be made available shortly after.

UPDATE:  We are working diligently to keep these recordings up permanently for viewing now and in the future. The recordings should be on this page until we move them to their new home :)



Speakers / Schedule

The Conference begins Friday morning, October 2 and ends Sunday evening, October 4.

(speakers listed below are not  listed in any particular order here. A schedule will be posted later with the speakers time slots and order)

Streaming Schedule

Friday and Saturday
2:00 pm Stephen Jones
3:00 pm Robby Yeats
4:00 pm Rob Corry
7:00 pm Mark Eaton
9:00 am Communion
2:00 pm Dave Dixon
7:00 pm Vincent Imperial

Note: "Streamed" means they will be streamed, not necessarily that they have already been streamed.

List of All Speakers
Streamed Mark Eaton
Not Streamed Ron Oja
Not Streamed Dr. James Bruggeman
Streamed Dr. Stephen Jones
Streamed Rob Corry
Streamed Robby Yeats
Streamed Vincent Imperial

Additional speaker / schedule details will be posted as they become available.


Booking Information 

The 2015 Tabernacles Conference is being held at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri. You can make reservations at can also call the Chateau on the Lake at 888-333-5253 to make room reservations 7 days a week, 8am -7pm. No code is needed, only the dates and name of the event (i.e., God’s Kingdom Ministry Conference).

As of 9/1/2015
All special rate rooms have been reserved and are
No Longer Available.

We are planning to arrive a couple days early to see some of the shows in Branson or perhaps go to Silver Dollar City. The hotel’s room rate is normally $179/day, but we have secured it for the special rate of $119/day. This is still a bit more than average rates at conferences in the past, but consider that we are going to be on beautiful lake in Branson, MO at the height of tourist season.

See This Alternative For Rooms

Since all the discounted rooms are no longer available at the Chateau on the Lake Hotel we did some looking around for those who may still want to come and take part in the conference but maybe find the regular Chateau rates too high.

We suggest you go to  and then put in your dates for reservations. You will find that there are 216 hotels available in Branson. We found that almost all of them are within 10 to 15 mile distance from the Chateau and even closer. Use this info you get from the Kayak search and combine it with a Google maps search and you will find the distance. We found almost all rates comparable to or even considerably less than what was the discounted rates for the Chateau On The Lake. Thank you.

Room Sharing

If you are interested in sharing a room or have a room to share, please email [email protected].  

Room Request - 1 Gentleman requesting.

Ride Sharing

I you are interested in sharing a ride to the conference or have a ride that could accommodate more people, please email [email protected].

I am currently able to offer a ride with us coming from the Toronto Area.  We will be travelling through Illinois or Indiana on our way.   

Things to do in Branson

Our local contacts, who found this hotel for us and secured the contract, sent me some links. They wrote this:

Here are some things we have done in Branson recently.  Branson is very family friendly so plenty to do, but these we feel are worth the time and money.

Currently Sight and Sound theatre is showing Jonah at the Branson location.  Fun experience with live animals and a stage which wraps around the audience on three sides.  Everyone from small Children to adults will enjoy the show.

Dixie Stampede is another live show with trick horses and dinner.  It is pricey, but if you think of it as both dinner and entertainment, it’s not too bad.  Dinner does not come with utensils, you have to eat with your hands, but it isn’t too bad, roasted Cornish hen, potato strips, corn on the cob, etc.  Although they try to gear it to all ages, kids really enjoy the show.

We all like to go out on the lake on an old style paddle boat.  Should be beautiful this time of year with the fall colors.  Lots of wild life to see as well along the banks.

 Another show with dinner which is generally good.  We saw this last Christmas, so it had a religious Christmas theme.  Have not seen it during its regular time.



God's Kingdom Ministries is hosting the event.  To make a contribution to help with the event costs (conference rooms, speaker's accommodations, etc), or to make  donation to Dr. Jones and God's Kingdom Ministries please make a donation here.


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